We went sailing after a coat

Spaytech Zim’s ceramic coating division got a surprise visitor. Ceramic Pro Zimbabwe managed to coat a boat,below is more information about coating marine equipment. Ceramic Pro Marine products protect the surface of any vessel above and below the waterline. Harsh exploitation conditions are a well-known […]

Shelving more Accolades

Nothing says thank you like a SATA special edition “race” spray gun!! From amg petronas motorsport and spies hecker. Thank you very much to the boys at spies hecker South Africa and paint and air centre Zimbabwe. #spraytech #spiesheckerpaint #petronas #487/500 #limitededition

Rhino Lining now available!!

Yes! Rhino Lining is now available at Spraytech Zim. Rhino Lining is essential for the protection and enhancement of your vehicle. It will help protect against abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and impact, and provide a slip resistant surface for you and your belongings.

As seen on Tv from the 70s!

The 70s were all about style and making an entrance. To complete that style you needed a nice loud american muscle! Fast forward 50 years we still have the Pontiac Formula 400. Detailed and Coated at Ceramic Pro Zimbabwe